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Born and raised in Beaverton, Ontario, Sarah Wickett grew up with a deep passion for music that began to flourish during her formative years. Her musical journey is a testament to her passion for creating genre-defying sounds that celebrate diversity and cultural adoption. With a natural gift for singing and songwriting, Sarah's career took flight after she ventured from her small town to Toronto, driven by the desire to chase her dreams.


Sarah's talent and unwavering determination propelled her into the spotlight within the country music industry. However, it was her bold decision to embrace another culture, fueled by love and curiosity, that truly set her on a transformative journey. Through immersive experiences such as taking Punjabi lessons and Bhangra lessons, Sarah discovered the captivating fusion of Punjabi and Country music. This journey culminated in her groundbreaking bilingual mashup "Accent," featuring Punjabi artist Rahul Bains, a milestone that solidified her position as the first North American country singer to seamlessly blend these two distinct genres.


With an impressive following of over 200,000 followers across various platforms, Sarah has captivated the hearts of fans worldwide. She has grown her social media following exponentially, with a focus on blending Western and Eastern cultures, resonating particularly with new immigrants seeking inclusivity and diversity in their entertainment.


Over the last year, Sarah has also taken on the role of an influencer, sharing her vibrant experiences with her boyfriend, and weaving together their backgrounds to promote inclusivity and cultural fusion. As an interracial couple, they showcase the unique fusion of life and love, inspiring Sarah's Desi Pop-Country music.


Sarah's willingness to break barriers and defy expectations is what makes her stand out as a rising star in the music industry. Through her music, she hopes to bridge cultural divides and unite two distinct music genres, creating a movement that celebrates the beauty of diversity.


Sarah’s latest releases are a perfect example of this fusion. "Lemonade" is a refreshing and perfectly blended mix of Pop-Country with hints of Punjabi inspiration. The tabla and banjo are seamlessly intertwined to create sweet harmonies, offering a fresh take on country music that is uniquely Sarah. After its original release, she collaborated with up-and-coming Punjabi artist Jagmeet Saini to release another version, where he sings in Punjabi on the second verse. The has song captured the attention of many country music and Punjabi music fans across streaming platforms, particularly on TikTok, and has now gathered a combined 450,000 streams across platforms.


As anticipation builds, Sarah is gearing up to release her upcoming EP titled 'More Homes Than My Hometown,' a title that beautifully encapsulates her journey of self-discovery beyond the confines of her birthplace. From heartfelt encounters with people to the melodic embrace of different languages and cultures, the EP promises to immerse audiences in a tapestry of emotions and connections.


The EP will include her newest single, 'Tere Karke (Because of You),' featuring Punjabi artist Gurj Sidhu. This collaboration marks Sarah's third song with a Punjabi artist, and she is thrilled to join forces with one of the UK's biggest stars. Gurj Sidhu's impressive track record, with many songs boasting over 1 million streams, adds to the anticipation surrounding this release. In 2020, Gurj was nominated for Best British Singer at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards, highlighting his undeniable talent and influence in the music industry.


With her eyes firmly fixed on the future, Sarah has big plans to release a wide variety of Desi Pop-Country songs in collaboration with Punjabi and Bollywood artists. As she continues to break down cultural barriers and promote inclusivity, there is no doubt that Sarah will continue to rise and shine bright in the world of music.

"In a world that continues to divide us, I want to make art that brings us together."

- Sarah Wickett

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"If you haven’t heard of Canadian country artist Sarah Wickett, you definitely will. This talented vocalist and dedicated artist plays by her own rules and brings a unique and fresh perspective to pop-country music that isn’t like anything you’ve heard before."

– Kyla Pearson (Press by Kyla)

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